Core Courses Reflection

  • Professional Development

I enjoyed this Saturday class. Eventhough it’s only a seven-hour class, we did a lot in the classroom. We got to create our short term and long term career SMART goal, create a personal mission statement, and branding statement. I love the Career Pointer workbook! It helps me determine the type of “inner hero” I have.  We had the opportunity to search the different types of careers in Eureka website; I realized how fortunate I am for having the income I have right now without a college degree. And at the end of the class, we get to write a reflection paper about the class.


  • Human Services

I love the book that we used in this class, Become Aware by Velma Walker. This book is one of my resource book for my personal and professional journey. In this class, we talked about Self-Disclosure which came to my attention that these same topic was also discussed on my other course; Human Relations in Organization. Self-disclosure was difficult for me then, and not much has changed; I still have difficulty talking to another person about my innermost thoughts and feelings, aspirations and dreams, and my fears and doubts. It is still tough for me to talk about things that I am ashamed and proud of. I realized that self-disclosure is an important part of relationship building.

  • Communication Skills

What I remembered from this class is we were asked to work as a group and present the information in class.  We interviewed a gentleman who worked for the County of Santa Clara Superior out as a professional mediator. What I’ve learned about mediation is that when people discuss their issues openly and come up with a solution that is beneficial to both parties they are much happier with the result and can restore their relationship. I also remember learning about One-way and two-way communications. One-way communication or sometimes called passive listening because it lacks verbal feedback. An example of one-way communication is a class lecture, and another example is someone we might know who tends to control the conversations and show little desire in our ideas or concern. However, two-way communications facilitate understanding, develop a fulfilling relationship and being able to work together effectively.

I remember learning about verbal and nonverbal communications, and the types of nonverbal communications; facial expressions and eye contact, gestures and body movements, touching, personal space and distance.

One thing I remember about verbal communication is that; they cannot be unsaid once they are said.

  • Social Research Methods

The One thing that resonates with me in this class is when the professor said the one thing that annoyed him is when someone says “there is an alternative fact” He said, a statement is a fact only if a scientific study backs it. This class encouraged the students to investigate interesting topics systematically, and in doing so, the final paper for this class is a research proposal. The research proposal prepares the student to write their thesis paper if and when they decided to pursue a master’s degree.

Attached is a copy of my final paper.

  • Professional Writing

In this class I learned how to draft a grant proposal,  a cover letter, and a thank you letter.

(See attached)

  • Senior Seminar

The senior seminar is a very hands-on class. It prepares students on how to create an e-portfolio and write a press release. The class also gave the students an opportunity to sharpen their project management skills. Part of our final grade is we are required to develop and implement a project that creates positive or lasting change, large or small, in a community organization. For this project, I chose to run a membership drive for Filipino American City Employees of San Jose during the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage celebration. In addition to membership drive, it is also my goal to connect San Jose city employees and community members with Filipino heritage through food and cultural arts.

Attached is my project overview.

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