Learning Outcomes

 1. Students will develop the ability to understand and demonstrate adherence to
ethical principles.

Every term, the instructor goes over the syllabus on the first day of class emphasizing the Academic Honesty and the importance of not plagiarizing, and to keep any confidential discussions in class and not to repeat it outside the classroom.

2. Students will demonstrate analytical, problem solving, and project management skills.

BUS2006-08: Contemporary Professional Writing

HSP2221-10: Senior Seminar

B 3. Students will develop critical thinking abilities and a foundation of ethical understanding that will allow them to serve people of diverse ethnic, cultural, gender, and other backgrounds.

HW4 presentation slides: Managing Individuals and a Diverse Workforce

 4. Students will demonstrate a love of the pursuit of continuous learning and an ability to inspire others with that love.

HSP 2239-09: Human Relations in Organizations

5. Students will be able to communicate effectively, in writing and orally, and will be able to do so with clarity, correctness, and conviction.

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